Updating esx 3i

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Updating esx 3i

At least with the full version you can get into the service console and install drivers Hi Paul I downloaded the oem_8086_10f5 as suggest in previous post. trying to install esxi 3i 3.5 update 5 on a dell optiplex 980 ip is set to static and i cannot configure it.

This is the instructions they give on how to change ESX to update the hardware list: 1) cd /tmp/ 2) mkdir -p oem/etc/vmware 3) mkdir -p oem/usr/share/hwdata 4) cd oem/etc/vmware 5) cp /etc/vmware/6) vi --- add the necessary PCI data for your devices 7) close vi - press ESC and enter :wq 8) cd /tmp/oem/usr/share/hwdata 9) cp /usr/share/hwdata/10) vi -- add the necessary description for your devices (this will be displayed in the console and VI Client) 11) close vi - press ESC and enter :wq 12) cd /tmp/oem 13) chown -R 21 ./etc 14) chown -R 21 ./usr 15) chmod -R 755 ./etc 16) chmod -R 755 ./usr 17) chmod 644 ./etc/vmware/18) chmod 644 ./usr/share/hwdata/19) tar -cvzf etc usr 20) cp /bootbank/21) cd /bootbank/ 22) chmod 755 23) reboot the host I've got no idea what they are talking about; I'm a bit more of a Windows man then a Linux freak. following the steps above and getting into the service mode i was able to check if a nic is being detected.

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discussing how an embedded hypervisor from the world's leading virtualization vendor would revolutionize data centers across the globe -- virtualization for the masses.

To steal from the author of a popular free operating system, I want some of what those people are smoking!

The difference is that VMware has added this data center plug-and-play functionality exclusively to their 3i product.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Andrew Kutz is deeply embedded in the dark, dangerous world of virtualization.This is just another example of a company trying to promote a new product with features that do not have to be exclusive, they are only exclusive because someone decided they should be. These are the key factors that spurred my conclusion that ESX 3i is really just an evolution in technology, not a revolution of gigantic proportions.I would go so far as to even call it a mutation, since the original species, ESX 3.0 and 3.5, has not died out. I would like to call on VMware to work towards consolidating these products back into one version.The fact of the matter is that well reputed security is earned, not granted, based on the number of lines of code that generates a binary. Now, I think Busy Box is a great project, but there is no way that it has been scrutinized with has much vigilance as RHEL.Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) has a good reputation as a service console; but VMware has given that up in favor of greater security. There are far fewer developers working on Busy Box, and it does not have the track record that RHEL does.

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