Updating sql view

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Updating sql view

For views created with VIEW_METADATA, the browse-mode metadata returns the view name and not the base table names when it describes columns from the view in the result set.

When a view is created by using WITH VIEW_METADATA, all its columns, except a timestamp column, are updatable if the view has INSTEAD OF INSERT or INSTEAD OF UPDATE triggers.

This SQL tutorial currently supports a subset of ANSI SQL.

The basics of each SQL command will be covered in this introductory tutorial.

Applies to subscriptions that are part of a bidirectional transactional replication topology. For more information on the upcoming change, we invite you to read our blog post.

Loopback detection determines whether the Distribution Agent sends transactions originated at the Subscriber back to the Subscriber: 0 = Sends back. The type of subscription initialization: 0 = automatic (snapshot) 1 = replication support only 2 = initialize with backup 3 = initialize from log sequence number (LSN) For more information, see the @sync_type parameter of sp_addsubscription.

If Note In the columns for the view, the permissions for a column name apply across a CREATE VIEW or ALTER VIEW statement, regardless of the source of the underlying data.

For more information about updatable views, see Remarks.

A view can be created only in the current database. City = ' Seattle' WITH CHECK OPTION ; GO --Create the tables and insert the values. SUPPLY1 ( supply ID INT PRIMARY KEY CHECK (supply ID BETWEEN 1 and 150), supplier CHAR(50) ); CREATE TABLE dbo.

A view does not have to be a simple subset of the rows and columns of one particular table.

A view can be created that uses more than one table or other views with a SELECT clause of any complexity.

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VIEW_METADATA Specifies that the instance of SQL Server will return to the DB-Library, ODBC, and OLE DB APIs the metadata information about the view, instead of the base table or tables, when browse-mode metadata is being requested for a query that references the view.