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Antonio Horta-Osorio, the chief executive of Lloyds Bank, has broken his silence over allegations about his private life admitting he regrets any "damage done to the group's reputation".In a message sent to the bank's 75,000 employees, the banker said that anyone can make mistakes while insisting that staff had to maintain the highest professional standards.The world’s biggest clothing retailer, Inditex which owns Zara among other brands, beat its competitors as well as stock market expectations with an 8 per cent profits boost as it focused reported a jump in profits as it focused on quicker deliveries and a slicker online presence to drive up sales.

A senior executive at HSBC has been arrested at New York's JFK airport for his alleged involvement in a conspiracy to rig currency benchmarks, according to reports.The court ruled on that Kerviel was “partly responsible” for massive losses suffered in 2008 by his former employer Societe Generale through his reckless trades.Kerviel has consistently maintained that bosses at the French bank knew what he was doing all along.Shin Hyun-woo, head of Reckitt Benkiser’s Oxy subsidiary from 1991 to 2005, was found guilty of accidental homicide and falsely advertising the deadly product as being safe even for children.The consumer product disaster affected many families in South Korea, where children and pregnant women often battle dry winter seasons with humidifiers.

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Mark Johnson, global head of foreign exchange cash trading in London, was reportedly arrested on Tuesday.

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