Wot not updating updating electrical wiring old home

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Wot not updating

This is the best stand alone program for tanks ever!I appreciate your efforts and timely updates Phalynx. I am still missing about 15k of my 37k battles and I am still getting the parse json- "object not set to an instance of an object" error when I attach my dossier.Every patch leaves “0.” at the beginning of the number like an implication that World of Tanks still has some bugs, gameplay issues, and other technical problems.

I bought the premium Czech Skoda T40 drove him 2 times and my statistics no longer ran.

I m selecting the most recent dossier file on my computer. Hi Phalynx, I was curious if you had plans to update wot statistics to accommodate the new M41 90?

This vehicle is currently "unknown" and does not report any WN8 value. Thanks, Slartybartfest Error: Cannot parse json file.

for people with several hundred games in the tank, and those stats missing for wn8 calculation, it basically makes wn8 useless which.... a short while for it to be missing is expected, a few weeks fine ..

but it's been since beginning of april and nobody seems willing to even give an estimate to when the update will occur.

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For details, see log file I got a little bit irritated because it took a long time to download this WOF update (my internet speed isn't that fast). If that doesn't work then follow the next steps: For this solution you need the torrent application u Torrent (it's free). Open the World of Tanks "Updates" directory on your computer. Right-click on the patch file (that you were downloading) and choose "Force Re-Check".

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