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As with some of the other Captain Black products, you have to sip it to avoid tongue bite.Unlike most of the other CB mixtures, this actually has a little complexity of taste. Leaves little moisture in the bowl, and needs an average number of relights. An all day smoke that, if you're a black cavendish fan, wears fairly well on your senses during the day so long as you don't puff like a steam engine.

The prime reason to buy Captain Black is that you're completely out of something better, and the only thing open late at night is a drug store. Dark, and yellow bright cavendish stripes will be found in a loose cut.I will say in its defense that it is a bit better than the other Grade Z pipe tobaccos available at the drugstore--namely Prince Albert (which is rancid stuff).Sure, it's just a beginner tobacco, as everyone has already noted.It’s .00 a pouch here in NY and no cheaper than many others online.Price aside I think captain black royal is the standard for mild aromatics.

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Quite a difference, now that STG has taken over these Lane tobaccos...